How and Why We Roast

When I began my coffee roasting journey I tested my results with friends to see what they thought. As my coffee developed it came to the point that family and friends preferred my specialty coffee over any they could purchase elsewhere.  Mugshot Coffee Roasters was born to bring premium, hand-crafted, and freshly-roasted coffee to consumers so they could enjoy the same freshness and quality product which I enjoy. Mugshot Coffee Roasters only roasts coffee in small batches.  One of our popular specialty roasts is the "Crafter’s Blend" created from single origin coffee from around the world.

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Small Batch // Single Origin

Mugshot Coffee Roasters focuses on small batch and single origin coffee. Our custom gourmet coffee stands above the crowd. Single origin means that our coffee comes from small geographical areas and is never mixed with coffee beans from other parts of the world. This makes for a taste that is uniform, rich, and unparalleled. Some of our finest single origin varietals:

  • Crafter’s Blend: This signature coffee is truly the best medium roast blend on the market. What do you think of when you hear the term ‘Crafter’s Blend’? Here at Mugshot Coffee Roasters, we have developed a blend combining different roasts, varietals, and roasting methods which impact the final product. Crafter’s Blend is truly an effort to bring the best of the world’s beans together for the perfect cup of coffee. Being rich, smooth, and balanced, Mugshot Coffee Roasters ‘Crafter’s Blend’ will renew your faith in coffee.

  • El Salvador Las Isabellas Natural: consistent flavor, cherry, red wine and berry.

  • Colombia Tolima: papaya, orange and grape.

  • Ethiopia Hambela Buku 1 washed: peach, jasmine, honeydew and lemon zest.

  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe G2:  floral, anise, black tea, sugary vanilla. One of the world’s best known coffees and for good reason. Extremely silky and refined. Very clean and pleasant, lively acidity and creamy body.

  • Mexico Oaxaca Cepco Altura: apple, orange and milk chocolate.

  • Kenya AB Plus: chocolate, tropical fruit, clean, floral, lemon, lively, full body.

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Smooth Taste // Superior Flavor // Enthusiasm 

Being a coffee enthusiast is about being educated, passionate, and informed about our beloved bean. Don’t compromise your coffee morals by subjecting yourself to pre-ground, stale, burnt, or otherwise sub par coffee.